Looking to cultivate a home practice or reach a specific goal? Each session offers personalized support and the compassionate encouragement you need. Whether you are working on relieving chronic pain, or guided relaxation, I’m here for you!
(Maximum 2 people)

All private packages include:

  • An initial 30 min consultation (we can discuss your goals, yoga history and create your practice space.)
  • Customized take-home program with 5 sessions or more.
  •  Handmade mala bead bracelet or mala bead necklace.
  • All natural homemade yoga mat cleaner and foot soak

Group Classes


Practicing Yoga with family or friends is not only fun, it also helps build a stronger interpersonal connection. Perhaps you are working towards a marathon as a group, bonding before a wedding or just having a relaxing spa weekend! Classes can be provided at your home, a rented space or if you are in Renfrew, Ontario at Heartsong Yoga Studio.


Workplace &


Mind-body programs like yoga can help employees or conference visitors improve their productivity and mental clarity.  Find out how you can bring balance to your event.

Program discounts offered based on session.


Workshops & Retreats


Discovering new places and stretching horizons is a great way to break the ice within a group of people. Whether you want to bring a small gathering of people together with for a team-building activity, or provide a period of stress relief and relaxation to a larger group of employees on retreat, I can accommodate your workshop needs. Let’s get a conversation going and discuss your workshop goals!

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POUND Fitness


Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, toning up and rockin' out! Easily modifiable workout with a welcoming group and great vibe. Is great for men and women of all ages and abilities.